Our Approach

Blintbel Private limited.

We work hard to bring revolution in Fashion & apparel designing. And reaching new heights.
Our aim is to set new trends and changing the styles of the generation with new fashion.
We focus on retaining market leadership in Fashion Designing and Apparel supply. We assure producing the highest standards and quality clothes.
We believe in bringing continuous improvement in quality management system
Our parameters are to ensure a fair return to stakeholders
Our intentions are to fulfil social duties and taking care of the environment.

Our Story

We begin the journey in 1955 in the busy town of Karachi city. And for years we supply apparel & designing dresses to showbiz industry. And we begin our export to Europe USA and Asian countries. With the time we grew as a production unit. And we adopted many systems & new developments. And we contributed to the development of many famous brands. To set their reputation by serving them finest apparel quality. And in the recent time, we supply premium quality apparel to several brands in the region of Middle East. Europe & United State. And we have a leading role in designing new fashion. And giving new stylish trends to the world